ETL Tools

The course teaches the fundamental and advanced concepts of Informatica PowerCenter v9.5.1, through online training including numerous hands-on lab exercises and real time scenarios. Students will gain a clear understanding of the product and acquire the solid foundation needed to make them efficient PowerCenter developers.

* Multiple Exercises
* Real Time Scenarios
* Concepts of Unix Required for Informatica
* Topic wise course materials
* Lifelong subscription to our Google group "ETL Central"
* Assistance in Resume Building
* Job Oriented Training
* Understanding the concepts of Data Warehousing
* Ability to design and develop complex mappings
* Configuring Workflows as in real time environment
* Troubleshooting errors/failures
* Gain hands-on experience with multiple exercises and various real time scenarios and a Demo Project
* Build confidence to excel your career as an efficient Informatica Developer/Consultant

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