Business Analysis & Quality Assurance

Role and importance of the BA
Vocabulary standards and business analysis practices through the use of the IIBA A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide)
Plan BA requirements activities
Elicit requirements from stakeholders, with an emphasis on interviews
Analyze stated requirements, with an overview of modeling techniques
Document requirements for different types of projects
Verify and validate requirements
Elements of requirements management and communication and the BA's role in them
Elements of solution verification and validation and possible BA roles
Enterprise analysis: choosing appropriate projects
Necessary competencies and best practices of BAs
Waterfall, incremental, and agile lifecycles and how they change BA practices
Hands-On Exercises
Identify Business Analysis Concepts and Activities in Your Organization
Review a Vision and Scope Document
Plan Requirements Activities for a Project
Conduct an Interview
Choose Elicitation Techniques
Analyze a Location Model
Analyze a Workflow Model
Analyze a Use Case Model
Analyze a CRUD Matrix
Identify Models that Answer Key Questions
Review a Requirements Document
Determine the Impact of a Proposed Change to a Requirements Set
Write a Test Case Using a Use Case
Walk Through the Steps of Enterprise Analysis for a Project
Develop a Personal Action Plan to Improve Your BA Skills or Environment

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